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What are the benefits of converting my loft?

Improved Lifestyle

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Once made habitable, the loft space in your home can be utilised in a number of ways. Most people immediately think of an additional bedroom, however this is just one way of maximising the potential of your home.

With the proliferation of home working in recent times, your loft space could be the perfect place to create a dedicated home office. Tucked away at the top of your house, create a peaceful work zone and help keep work and home life separate.

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How about creating a luxurious bathroom complete with separate walk-in dressing room and wardrobe? At the same time you can relieve the pressure on your remaining bathrooms, as well as freeing up space in your master bedroom.

Adding Value

Converting your loft will unquestionably add value to your property; in almost all cases, the cost of the build will be reflected in the uplift in potential sale price.

At the same, you get to enjoy the extra space that has been created.

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No Need to Move Home

If you feel like moving is the only alternative to accommodate a growing family or other change in personal circumstances, think about maximising the potential of what you already have.

Which? estimates that the average cost of moving home in the capital (including removals, stamp duty and estate agent's fees) is now almost £25,000.

By far the more cost-effective option is to remain in your home and invest in it instead. With moving house consistently rated as one of the most stress-inducing life-events, avoid it all together by extending upwards.