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Renovate to Sell

Maximise the sale price of your property by carrying out a full refurbishment with no up-front costs. We fully fund and project-manage all work from start to finish.

How can we help?

You have the opportunity to increase the value of your property by selling it as a fully refurbished home. By partnering with a professional developer you can unlock this potential. We have years of experience and many sucessful developments behind us.


For us, working with an existing owner saves on the huge transaction costs associated with acquiring a property.


How it works

  • We evaluate your property to make sure it has the potential to benefit from refurbishment, based on local factors and general market conditions

  • A schedule of work is agreed, using our development experience to establish the best way to add maximum value to your property

  • You retain full legal ownership

  • We undertake the work at our cost including all labour and materials, using our experienced team of builders

  • Once the property is sold the cost of the work becomes due. This figure is agreed in advance and will not change.

For more details on how we can help make the most of your property, please email us here.