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The Main Types of Loft Conversion


rooflight loft conversion.jpg

Also known as a rooflight conversion. The name Velux comes from a popular manufacturer of rooflights, and is now synonymous with this kind of conversion. In general, planning permission is not required for this type of loft, although there may be restrictions as to where you can place the windows.



dormer loft conversion.jpg

A dormer loft conversion is carried out by extending the existing roof to provide more floorspace and headroom within the loft. It will protude from the existing roof, usually at the rear of the property and can be designed in a number of different styles to suit your requirements. Inside the conversion there will be a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls as opposed to the usual sloped sides of the roof. This type of conversion is often allowed under permitted development rights, subject to some size limitations.


A hip to gable loft conversion is combined with one of the lofts above to provide a suitable amount of internal space. It provides the best solution for houses with hip roofs (for example many end-of-terrace properties), as in most cases there is not enough internal volume to create a meaningful room. The gable wall will be built upon until level with the hip line whereby additional roofing is added.

Hip to Gable